Research groups

Interactive Culture and Communication



    The Architecture, Engineering and Urbanism Visualization Group of A Coruña University works in research and development in computer visualization techniques applied to all fields of construction. From the constructive detail to the overall vision of the territory, through the bridge, the building and the city.

    This multidisciplinary staff develops visualization research projects in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, the recreation of Historic Heritage and applying the technology of computer graphics to the exhibition of cultural content in museums and exhibitions.

    The range of technologies that VideaLAB works in goes from the simulation of the territory to the immersive virtual reality environments and virtual worlds, and from the Gigapixel imagery to the human-computer interaction through the use of natural interfaces.


Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems.

    The RNASA research group arose in 1989 with the objective of researching artificial intelligence and in particular connective systems, and implementing artificial neural networks in order to solve complex real-world problems, most importantly in medical applications.

    Thanks to its distinctly interdisciplinary character, the group has collaborated on projects in a wide variety of scientific fields, such as medicine, astronomy, chemistry, and fisheries, among others. The group actively participates in several agreements providing businesses with integrated manufacture process monitoring systems.


Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Application Lab.


Other research groups

    The MADS, acronym of Models and Applications of Distributed Systems Group, a research group inside the Department of Computer Science of theUniversity of A Coruña (UDC),

    The members of MADS develop their teaching and research activities on High Availability Distributed Systems, Digital Home and Networked Media, Multimedia content for the Digital Home, Services over IPTV networks and DTT (transmission and software systems in user terminals and at the home) and Applications for Interactive Digital TV Systems.

    The Area of ​​Telematics Intelligence of the University of A Coruña investigates various areas of computing linked to Network Management, Distributed Systems, Internet Technologies and Real Time Systems.

    Teachers members of MADS Teachers members of Telematics Intelligence
    Dr. Javier Taibo Pena Dr. Javier López Mato