Mobility programmes


UDC maintains student mobility conventions with universities and higher learning institutions on four continents.

Several student mobility sessions are offered each academic course so that students may study part of their degree (a semester or a full academic year), in one of these institutions, receiving full academic recognition in their UDC transcripts upon their return.

The various positions available for UDC to offer to students, and any specific conditions for each, are announced during these sessions. Grants to finance the mobility programs for students are established annually.

Training received will be recognized as part of the student's academic transcript, or in the European appendix to their degree. The student is free to choose the EEES affiliated business or institution in which they would like to train.

To help in the search, UDC has a virtual bulletin board posting all known offers.

The student mobility sessions are managed in conjunction with the International Relations authority of the student's local learning center, and the International Relations Office of the University (ORI).

The prerequisites for acquiring a study abroad position, the students' rights and obligations, and the procedure for granting positions are stipulated in the UDC Mobility Guidelines.

The international student mobility coordination is held by Patricia Comesaña Comesaña | Ext: .

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