Internal Quality Assurance

All UDC centers have a System Internal Quality Assurance (SGIC), verified by the Agency to Calidade do Sistema Universitario de Galicia (ACSUG) and ANECA in FIDES programs and AUDIT, respectively, and in accordance with the standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA.

In the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the Responsible for Quality Assurance and Convergence is the professor Viviana Barneche Naya.

Within SGIC centers integrate all their degrees and masters. SGIC procedures established who and how to follow up and monitoring of the results and the student's learning process in the titration, establishing coordinating bodies and mechanisms, evaluation and continuous improvement of the studies, taken forward by the following committees:

    Academic Committee: is the official body responsible for coordinating academic titles center under the mandate of the Board of the Centre. Take academic decisions relating to the title and its students. Establishes guidelines and performance under coordinator title and all the people involved in titling.
    Quality Assurance Committee: is the organ involved in the task of planning and tracking titles SGIC and center, while also acting as one of the vehicles of internal communication policy, objectives, plans, programs and responsibilities of the center. It is responsible for performing annual monitoring.