SUG-UDC guidelines

Objectives and Goals of the Galician University System

1. The following objectives and goals of the Galician University System are hereby recognized:

    a) The creation, the transmission, and the diffusion of culture and knowledge, and scientific, technical, humanistic, and artistic methods, as well as the training and education essential to women and men for professional development in accordance with their training

    b) The guarantee of autonomy for the university, founded on the principle of academic liberty, and made manifest in the liberty of professorship, investigation, and studies.

    c) Coordination and cooperation as basic relational elements for the streamlining of the university map, and to strengthen Galician universities as a whole, while respecting the identity of each.

    d) The promotion of critical thought and a culture of liberty, solidarity, equality, and pluralism, and the transmission of these civic and social values of a democratic society. Special attention will be paid to the promotion of equality of treatment and opportunities among women and men, as well as equality of opportunities for special-needs students.

    e) The enrichment of the intellectual, cultural, scientific and technical heritage of Galicia, with the goal of general, social, and economic progress and sustainable development.

    f) The promotion of Galician, the official and unique language of Galicia, and its coexistence with Castillian, also an official language, and, should it be the case, with other languages essential for teaching and investigation.

    g) The tightening of collaborative and exchange programs with public and private higher educational centers and institutions both domestic and international, with special attention paid to Portugal and Latin-America.

2. The universities associated with the Galician University System will collaborate with public offices in the achievement of goals and objectives.

Universities associated with the Galician University System

    1. The Galician University System is comprised of The University of Coruña, The University of Santiago de Compostela, and The University of Vigo, and, should it be the case, by those which are created or legally recognized by the Galician Parliament.

    2. The universities which form the Galician University System carry out the public service of higher education in Galicia through the exercises of teaching, study, and investigation, and the creation, dissemination and transfer of knowledge.

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