Erasmus+ Traineeships

The Erasmus+ Practical Training Program offers students and alumni in their first year after graduation an internship with a participating foreign business or organization, with the goal of preparing for the demands of the European labor market, acquiring specific skills, and improving understanding of the economic and social environment of the country in question, while gaining work experience at the same time.

These internships may be accompanied, when necessary, by preparatory or continuing language courses.

The host organizations for internships may be businesses, educative centers, research centers, or other organizations. The internships must be covered by an internship agreement approved by the intern's higher education institution, the consortium of origin (if applicable), the host institution, and the intern.

Essential characteristics of the internships are:

  • The higher education institution of origin must give full credit for the internship.
  • The student must receive an agreement of instruction for the internship program; this agreement must be approved by both the institution of origin and the host organization.


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