Technological resources

Sound Stage

    The School of Communication Science has a complete sound-stage for television and radio production. The set is equipped with a control board monitoring three robotic cameras, a chroma key, and a lighting bank.

    In addition, there is a studio with two soundproofed rooms for recording radio productions or audio special-effects. Crane and dolly equipment is available for audiovisual production requiring more complex camera movements.

Motion Capture System

    This consists of a wireless real-time capture system which includes a single-user augmented reality workstation with software and headset for the creation and visualization of virtual worlds.

    The positioning system has eight infrared cameras to detect motion.


    The School of Communication Science has an eye-tracking system with a Tobii XL-60 screen.

    Eye-tracking is a technology with applications in the fields of accessibility, medicine, and market studies, among others. This technology allows the tracking of a person's eye movements via a special monitor which uses infrared light waves directed at the user's eyes.

    These rays reflect off of the pupil and return to the device, allowing for a precise calculation of where the eye is looking. The information the device provides is presented in the form of heat maps or a point navigation guide which indicates the manner of 'reading', and is useful in studies of accessibility, marketing and advertising, neuroscience and psychology, media reading...

3D Filming System

    The school has two stereoscopic film cameras, as well as 3D monitors, and a mixing board for this type of media.

    Our Panasonic cameras allow for recording in Full HD, and the production board permits high definition processing, with 3D signal processing for live broadcast.