Application requirements

According to the current regulations regarding access to university studies in Galicia, students can enroll in a degree program after passing the University Entrance Examinations (ABAU) carried out by the Interuniversity Commission of Galicia (CIUG).

The exams are held and announced during June and July.

You can check admission criteria and procedures on CIUG's website.

If there is more demand than available places (currently 50), they will be assigned according to grades obtained in ABAU.


To apply for a place, you must meet one of the following access requirements established in article 2 of RD 1892/2008:

  • Possessing a bachelor's degree or equivalent, with successful completion of the University Entrance Examination (PAU).
  • Meeting requirements demanded for university access within educational systems from European Union member states or other countries that have signed international agreements with Spain in this matter.
  • Passing the University Access Exam for people over 25 years old; either having passed it previously through Galician Universities System under previous regulations.
  • Passing the University Access Exam for people over 45 years old.
  • Holding an official higher vocational training certificate, teaching design or superior sports technician certificates or equivalent degrees.
  • Holding an undergraduate official university degree, diplomas corresponding to earlier Spanish Higher Education Order (diploma, bachelor’s degree etc.) or equivalent degrees.
  • Being able to gain entry into universities according to previous educational orders before what was established by RD 1892/2008 from November 14th not contemplated within above sections.


Enrollment in Undergraduate and Master's programs at UDC begins in July and ends in October each year. A new calendar is set annually.