Career opportunity

he degree program provides four professional orientation profiles:

  • Audiovisual Director, Scriptwriter, and Filmmaker
    This versatile professional is specialized in screenplay writing and directing for various audiovisual media such as film, television, video production, advertising, radio programming, infographics, and multimedia. They possess knowledge of both technical and artistic processes required to manage a project from its conception to post-production, including budgeting.
  • Audiovisual Producer and Manager
    This professional designs, plans, and organizes human resources and technical equipment necessary for producing audiovisual works in different formats. They are well-versed in creating audiovisual content and have knowledge about legal mechanisms related to communication policies. As an executive producer, they create original projects by buying rights or developing them before commercializing their work. They can also manage an audio-visual production company.
  • Production Designing & Visual/Sound Post-production
    This expert designs all aspects related to sound engineering, including images and graphics, throughout the different phases of audiovisual productions. They can also design interactive environments specifically adapted towards online platforms such as video games or digital spaces.
  • Researcher/Teacher/Expert on Visual Studies
    This specialist researcher analyzes phenomena and processes within audiovisual communication while also being knowledgeable about sectoral economy policies at national and global scales. They are capable of teaching higher education courses regarding communication and new technologies for audiovisual media.