Digital Creation, Animation and Video Games


Study coordinator:

D. Antonio José Seoane Nolasco.

The Degree in Digital Creation, Animation, and Video Games is a four-year academic program that covers the entire production process of animation and video games from various perspectives, including creative, technical, artistic, and commercial.

The degree aims to provide its graduates with comprehensive training that is both generalist and multidisciplinary. This will enable them to fully understand the development process so they can conceive any digital creation project within the fields of animation and video games from its conception through to final implementation and marketing.

By providing education in artistic, narrative, technical, and production aspects of these fields simultaneously, it will allow students to expand their skills while also giving them a common language with which they can communicate effectively with specialists. They will be equipped for work as part of a team or as an entrepreneur developing new business projects within this sector.

The objectives of this degree are:

    1- To equip students with skills in designing and producing audiovisual content using technology for creating animation and video games.

    2- To train students on advanced tools used for digital creation across different fields.

    3- To gain knowledge about emerging technologies relevant to digital creation, animation, and video games.

    4- To promote entrepreneurship within the animation and video game industry.