In the following table it presents itself the subjects corresponding to every module of it Curriculum (240 créditos).

Module Subject Type
Technologies of the audiovisual and multimedia Audiovisual computing Basic
Computing for web and video creation Basic
Audiovisual media technological fundamentals Required
Multimedia creation tools Required
Multimedia on mobile devices Elective
Advanced web tools Elective
Audiovisual and multimedia production Enterprise Basic
Audiovisual production Required
Multimedia workshop Elective
Writing and oral expression Oral and written communication Basic
Galician for professional usage Elective
English for professional usage Elective
Structure and policies of the audiovisual communication Law Basic
Audiovisual industry Required
Audience research Required
Communication and cultural industries Basic
Processes of ideation and audiovisual narrative Audiovisual journalism Required
New media and tv formats Required
Audiovisual fiction Required
Scripting Required
Theory and history of the audiovisual and new multimedia supports History of cinema and animation Basic
History of radio and televisión Basic
Film editing Required
Multimedia communication strategies Elective
Analysis of the audio-visual speeches and its social effects Audiovisual analysis Required
Corporate communication Required
Audiovisual advertising Required
Techniques and creative processes for production, implementation and postproduction Production design Required
Photographic direction and lighting Required
Sound setting Required
Audio Required
Realization Required
Digital postproduction Required
Digital publishing Elective
Design and Animation Graphic expression Basic
Applied design Basic
3D Animación-1 Required
3D Animación-2 Required
3D Modelling Required
3D Rendering Required
Videogames Elective
3D Interaction Elective
Visual effects in animation Elective
Acting Elective
Internship Internship Elective
Final Degree Project Project Required